Qom' Nook Rugs

Qom' nook rugs are handwoven works of art, you can use them as rugs to bring attention to a special nook in your home or hanging these as art pieces pieces can have a big impact too. Ranging from small to medium sizes, these rugs can be easily hung as art works, layered over a piece of furniture or as a table runner.

The QOM' Collection has traveled from the dry forest of Northeast Argentina. The indigenous communities who inhabit the harsh landscape live in very dry conditions all year round, mostly isolated from the post-colonial way of life, but deeply connected to their Toba culture and Pachamama, ‘Mother Earth’. Textiles in the QOM' Collection feature simple geometric shapes, repeated and arranged to create original patterns, ethnic motifs often represent heritage and folklore. Neutral panels with pops of bright colour are woven from a mix of sheep's wool, giving QOM' textiles a warm yet impressive character.

All of our rugs have unique variations in grain and colour profile as well as carrying the signature of the weaver which is evident in their individual designs. Pampa embraces these imperfections, which really are a strong part of the charm of truly handmade products.